Best Practices in Quality and Coaching

This two-day workshop will help you identify what’s working or what may need re-working within your Centre’s Quality program.   Learn a four-step EEIE process and determine the specific requirements for a ‘best-in-class’ Quality and assessment process. 

You will leave this workshop with new ideas and a framework that you can immediately adapt/ adopt to measure and manage Quality for any channel within your Contact Centre.

Establishing Expectations

Many organizations make the mistake of introducing a QA program before formally defining the goals, objectives and desired outcomes.  As a result, internal and external measurements are often misaligned,  and QA’s efforts do not deliver the desired results. 
  • Define your Centre’s QA Strategy
  • Create a positive experience for Customers and agents
  • Identify Quality standards that support company goals and customer expectations
  • Position Quality as a frontline agent improvement tool and a business improvement tool
  • Measure  the customer experience against process adherence
  • Align QA goals with business needs and customer requirements 
During this portion of the workshop we review industry Best Practices and listen to real calls.

Evaluation-  designing evaluation tools

Your QA scorecard must capture the data needed to improve agent and organizational performance. Bring your QA evaluation forms with you to the workshop and compare them with others.  Then learn how to:
  • Develop an agent performance matrix
  • Design a scorecard-  attributes and categories to include and exclude
  • Assess soft skills
  • Enhance your scoring methodology
  • Reduce subjectivity
  • Recognize and reinforce desired behaviours
  • Take the focus off ‘the QA score’ and measure the impact on the customer experience
  • Use sampling and analytics
  • Design a high-impact assessment tool


Every Centre needs available and well-trained evaluators in order to deliver results.  

  • Why calibrate? How often and when?
  • How to structure an effective calibration session
  • How to determine the # of people you need on your QA team
  • How to make sure the feedback you offer is objective
  • The elements of productive calibration meetings

Informing- ensuring that everyone understands

People and organizations need feedback on how they are performing. Here’s how you can give visibility to your Quality efforts.

  • Reporting, tracking and trend analysis
  • Comparing your internal results with Customer Satisfaction (CSAT),  Voice of the Customer (VoC),  Net Promoter Scores (NPS)  and    Customer Effort Score (CES)
  • Does gamification fit your culture? 
  • Assessing employee commitment and engagement
  • Quantifying results and providing actionable insights
  • How to communicate the value of the Contact Centre and QA to the rest of the organization

Effective Coaching- closing the Loop 

Changing the perception of Quality Monitoring in your Contact Centre is not easy. Without guidance and support, and training and mentoring our teams will not be able to master complex skills or develop the insights and expertise to deliver the best customer experience.  

The workshop concludes by showing how to use Quality data to:

  • Identify root cause analysis
  • Deliver actionable feedback
  • Get Training and Quality ‘in sync’
  • Empower agents and increase job satisfaction.