Not for Bots- Advanced Customer Care Skills

Advanced Communication training that’s 


Self-service is great for many things but when you really need help you want human help.  Chances are that by the time your customer decides to contact your Contact Centre they’ve already tried Google, your website, FAQs, etc.

Reducing Customer Effort is the Pot of Gold for customer service in 2018.  This session will teach you ways to reduce Customer Effort (and improve FCR,  NPS,  CSat, etc.) by using advanced  personal communication techniques.

This workshop is not suitable for anyone who works on ‘remote control.’

Have you ever had a conversation with someone where you were both saying the same thing but it sounded like you were disagreeing?   Have you ever met someone who seemed perfectly nice but you just didn’t like them?

Sadly this very common scenario is caused by a mis-match of communication styles.   The secret to becoming a Communications ninja – and reducing customer effort-  is to understand the hidden clues in someone’s communication so you can communicate with them in a way that matches how their brain and emotions  work.

No bot can do that!

Don’t worry:  you won’t need to become an actor or  change your personality. You’ll be surprised how even small changes in your language  and approach can have a big effect.

These communication strategies can make a dramatic difference to your effectiveness at work-  and in your family and social life too.   Communication is the oxygen of life.


  • What do people expect when they contact your company?
  • Introduction to Customer Effort and CE Scores


  • “People like each other, like each other.”  How to connect with a customer without seeing their body language
    • How to listen when there’s no sound  (email, chat)
  • Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the VAK model
  • Introduction to Filtering


  • Words that create conflict:  words that reduce conflict
  • Positive language:  how to say NO, nicely  (group exercise)
    • That’s the policy- I can’t change it
    • We’re having computer issues today
    • That’s how long it takes
    • I hear what you’re saying, but…


  • Create effective, empathetic responses  using real -life examples from your Centre  (group exercise)

This is a live, instructor-led, highly interactive working session.   Half-day  and full-day programs are available.    For more info please contact Elizabeth Winter in Toronto at  or  (416) 410 4663.