Welcome to the Contact Professionals Alliance Inc.

June 2020

For the past 20 years  the Contact Professionals Alliance has created  and offered specialized Contact Centre events for Executives and Managers like you. 

One of the favorite parts of our work was bringing smart people together to talk and learn from each other in-person, at workshops, networking events and Site Tours.

It may be a while before in-person public events happen again, and I want you to know that we miss you a lot.    

Like you, we’re pivoting and exploring ways to deliver the same high-quality products and services as before.  Private in-house training and consulting sessions are already happening via Zoom and similar.   

It’s definitely not as much fun as being together in real life, but it’s the best we can do at the moment.

Please let us know what you need  and we’ll do our best to ‘evolve’ with you.   The need to learn and continuously improve certainly doesn’t  stop because of a pandemic.

I can’t WAIT to see you again.   – Elizabeth Winter

Trying to achieve Customer Experience excellence but the  ‘finish line’ keeps changing ?

Curious about why your internal QA scores are good but CSat and NPS scores are low ?

Worrying about QA and FCR  when customers contact your company via multiple channels- sometimes simultaneously?

If you are looking for answers to tough Contact Centre questions like these,  I invite you to join our community.  (it’s free)   Sign up here  

CPA is Canada’s largest peer-to-peer community
of Contact Centre professionals .

I’m new here.  What can I expect from CPA?

Help.  Whenever you need to top-up your internal resources or get things off your to-do list,  reach out to CPA.   We can connect you with experienced SMEs for any Contact Centre project, from  process reviews/ audits to QA and CX programs to data analysis and more.

Professional Development.    Whether you prefer to attend a live, instructor-led workshop in Toronto or schedule a private class on-site at your Contact Centre  CPA is a great source for no-nonsense, real-life Contact Centre training.

Our most popular courses cover Contact Centre Management, Quality Assurance  and WorkForce Management- but ask about others like ‘Not for Bots’ Advanced Customer Service Skills and ‘Lead Simply’ leadership training.

We can also create a custom workshop just for you.