WFM- WorkForce Management Fundamentals

Agenda Contact Centre Basics Evolution of Call and Contact Centres Contact Centre architecture and technologies Contact Centre operations: Performance indicators (Service Level, ASA, occupancy, abandoned calls, blocked calls) Queuing theories – Erlang B, Erlang C WFM and the role of the WFM team Planning Work load Call Volume history Call drivers – important analyses Determining a (more…)

Lead Simply

“A leader is one who knows the way,  goes the way,  and shows the way.”                          – John Maxwell Being a leader these days has little to do with your title or position and a lot to do with how well you make good things (more…)

QA for Multi-channel Customer Service

If you’re wondering how to deliver consistent, high-quality Customer Experience across all Channels in a  multi-channel Centre then  this workshop is for you. You’ve added new contact channels to your Centre – email, chat, SMS/text or social media.  It was a challenge to implement new technologies, hire and train the right people and staff correctly (more…)

Foundations of Contact Centre Management

After these two intensive days you will be able to apply strategy and tactics that will make you- and your Contact Centre-  more efficient and effective. Workshop Content CONTACT CENTRE CONCEPTS AND THE PRACTICE OF MANAGEMENT The purpose and mission of business Contact Centre evolution and its strategic positioning Role of the Contact Centre in providing (more…)