Workforce Management Fundamentals

This is the only public WFM training of its type in Canada.

This workshop is a one-day  crash course in WorkForce Management in a Contact Centre.  The content is vendor-neutral and you are welcome regardless of the availability of WFM software in your Centre or your experience in WFM .

There will be time for Q&A and you’ll also get to learn from peers from other organisations.


Contact Centre Basics

  • Evolution of Call and Contact Centres
  • Contact Centre architecture and technologies
  • Contact Centre operations:
    • Performance indicators (Service Level, ASA, occupancy, abandoned calls, blocked calls)
    • Queuing theories- Erlang B, Erlang C
    • WFM and the role of the WFM team


  • Work load
    • Call Volume history
    • Call drivers – important analyses
  • Determining a Target Service Level
  • Resource Analysis
    • staff requirements
    • trunk  requirements
    • what-if  analysis
    • force flexibility
    • Capacity Planning and Budgets


  • How to forecast call volumes (monthly, weekly, daily)
  • Adjusting forecasts
  • Staff requirements
  • Forecasting horizon


  • Shrinkage
  • Required tours
  • Tour assignment / schedules
  • Schedule Adherence  and the impact on WFM
  • Scheduling horizons

Intra-day and Reporting

  • Schedule adjustments
  • Tracking and adjusting for actual workload
  • Alert systems
  • Performance reporting and analysis
  • Continuous improvement

Your workshop leader, Turaj Seyrafiaan is a respected independent consultant who specializes in process optimization, benchmarking and business analysis. Turaj has a Master of Engineering from McGill University and an MBA from McMaster University, and also teaches Contact Centre Management at Seneca College.