Workforce Management

Certificate of Technical Expertise in WorkForce Management

WorkForce Management (WFM) is an important technical aspect of cost-efficient Contact Centre Operations. This training curriculum helps internal staff to develop or enhance their expertise in WFM processes. Workshops offer detailed step-by-step knowledge of the entire WFM process and combines theory with hands-on exercises, using real-life Canadian case studies to maximize learning.

Workshops can be taken in any order.

WFM Planning   Learn how to conduct an annual planning process including data gathering, resource analysis, flexible workforce info (at-home agents), FTEs and budgeting. Attendees will learn how to create a planning document and will understand the basics of resource allocation and hiring plans.

Course Description
WorkForce Management Fundamentals This one-day program provides an overview of the WorkForce Management process- the art of balancing long term budgets and short-term execution. Learn the basics of WFM starting with the annual Planning process then moving to forecasting and scheduling, and intra-day activities and reporting.

As stand-alone training, this course is perfect for Managers and those new to WFM.

WFM Forecasting Attendees learn how to predict workload and future events. Using various quantitative and intuitive methods and info from the planning document you will learn how to derive weekly and daily forecasts by the required interval. You will also learn how and why to adjust your calculations.
WFM Scheduling The outcome of scheduling process is a weekly / bi-weekly plan which specifies when employees will be on duty. Learn how to determine the shrinkage in base staff required, develop required tours, tour assignments and create a complete schedule while incorporating agent preferences.
WFM Intra-day and Reporting No WFM plan can be carved in stone. Learn how to incorporate last-minute changes and unexpected events into the schedule and maintain Service Level by making adjustments for actual workload. You will also learn what to report and how to analyze performance to improve your Contact Centre operation continuously.